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Noah Harlan

Noah Harlan is a Founder of Two Bulls, a boutique software development firm specializing in mobile and related infrastructure with offices in New York, Melbourne, and Berlin. He also serves as Managing Director of Digital Strategy for Sullivan, a brand engagement and strategy firm where he guides digital communications strategies of diverse organizations including Cornell Tech, Two Sigma, LiquidNet, Merrill Lynch, and others. Noah was a Founder and Board Member of Breadcrumb (acq. Groupon, 2012) a leader in point of sale and mobile payments and GC Marketing Services, a nationwide event services company. Noah has been an advisor to the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy, is a member of the Innovation Committee for the Made in NY Media Center, and has been a commenter on mobile technology and payments for Bloomberg TV. Prior to founding Two Bulls Noah produced a range of content including six award-winning feature films as well as commercials and digital experiences for major brands including Ford, Audi, SouthWest Airlines, and MTV. Noah holds a degree in Computer Science from Williams College in Massachusetts and received an Emmy Award for his work in Advanced Media Interactivity.

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