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AllSeen Alliance Summit: A Shared Vision

Earlier this month, we hosted the first AllSeen Alliance Summit, an event designed to provide a collaborative and educational space for the innovators, developers and users of the Internet of Things (IoT) and AllSeen Alliance ecosystem. We’re still buzzing from the excitement and energy at the event, which united nearly 230 attendees from 100 companies across 19 countries.

With the holidays upon us and the first year of the Alliance almost complete, we’re feeling humbled by and thankful for the tremendous support and true collaborative nature of this initiative. The AllSeen Alliance Summit was proof that the Alliance is much more than the names of its current 80 member companies and 12 supporting organizations.

Companies big and small met over this two-day Summit to talk about what the Alliance needs to make good on its promise to “enable the widespread adoption and accelerate the development and evolution of an interoperable peer connectivity and communications framework based on AllJoyn for devices and applications in the Internet of Everything.” That’s a mouthful, right? But what it really means is quite simple: members will work together using open source best practices on a common code base. The code will provide the features and functions needed for devices and applications to exchange data and control information. Fragmentation will be avoided and interoperability maximized because all members will be deploying the same code to implement the same functions.

It’s this shared vision that was ever so apparent at the event. From keynotes to working group breakout sessions, attendees took a deep dive into the areas of critical importance for the Internet of Everything. Topics included:

  • Evolving security for IoT;
  • Analytics for IoT;
  • Makers and Crowdsourcing: The power of collaboration;
  • A Community for IoT: A look back at the AllSeen Alliance’s first year; and
  • Advancing AllJoyn beyond the home.

The work of one is not nearly as effective as the work of many, pooled together, and that’s what we’re doing. We’re breaking down the silos, putting aside competitive interests and working collaboratively to move an entire market forward. This is the power of open source.

If you have code, ideas or a willingness to participate in any way, join us! More than the common vision and path forward we share, it’s the spirit that has made this community so much more than we could have imagined it to become. Take a look at the photos and keynote videos from the event and stay tuned for an upcoming AllSeen event. We looking forward to our future together!

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